Cloudy tree

She is born from the ground. Her roots spreading deep inside the Earth.
But she goes beyond the surface and desires to reach the skies. Those fascinating colors. She wants all of them. And is most fascinated by the white of the clouds which contains them all together.

Nevertheless, she cannot ascend as much. Gravity makes sure to have her grounded still.
And she starts feeling trapped. Trapped by her own Nature which physically restrains, yet gives her the possibility to think she could live happier if she was able to fly and leave everything else behind to give in to the Unknown.

She becomes so frail. So frail she embraces the ground, wishing to just melt there and disappear.

However, when she reaches the infernal heat of the Earth’s core, she can understand:
she belongs right where she is, between earth and air; and she should be thankful for being part of both.

Then, she rises again. Craving for, but also comprehending the limitless sky.

And so she breeds her own clouds, completing herself

and her world.


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